CE week: Polaroid instant print makes comeback. Plus, tiny cube cam

Written by Young Jeohn

Just when you thought instant polaroids were dead, the company surprises us with a modern take on an old idea. Called Instant Zip, it'll print any smartphone photo without needing any ink or a printer head. The picture will appear magically on 2x3 inch sheets (just like a polaroid) with no fanning necessary, and you can even pull off the back and stick it on your drawing pad. This could be the best little printer for serious Cosplayers as a fun way to keep track of your costumes or to bring to your next convention; it's under an inch thick and only weighs half a pound.

- 25 prints on a single charge
- 45 seconds to make a print from your smartphone
- Available now for $129 at Target, Amazon and on their website.

The colorful Polaroid Cube+ is a tiny action cam and you can see the actual video stream to your phone using the with built in WiFi. Select between 1080p or a lower res 720p video if you don't actually need the high definition. It's slated to be available in August for $149 with tons of accessories to choose from (including underwater housing).

- 90 minute recording time
- Takes micro SD cards up to 32GB

More information:
web: www.polaroid.com


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